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Vendol Sandhi Rudha Harani (50ml)

Vendol Sandhi Rudha Harani (50ml)

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(SKU: LS4000E643) Vendol Sandhi Rudha Harani Oil is produced by combining eight types of traditional highly powerful secret medicinal oils that relieve joint pain, joint weakness, nerve weakness and revive the joints day by day, including Maha Narayana oil, the greatest medicine in Ayurveda for all vata diseases.

Provides immediate relief for all types of joint pains in the body, joint pains, joint swellings, leg pains, arm pains, muscle pains, neck pains, back pains, ankle pains, etc. Moisten the painful area with warm water, wipe and apply a little joint rub and massage slowly.

With the help of another person, clean and wipe the back with warm water, rub the joints with Sandhi Rudha Harani, massage some mints and cover it so that it is warm, it gives instant healing relief.

Sandi Ruda Harani was produced according to a traditional secret medicine recipe that can be applied to bruises, sprains, etc.

A herb that should be present in every household is a tax ointment that provides instant relief for joint pain and general pain.

For a speedy recovery,Apply Sandi Ruda Harani on the affected area every six hours and rub it well.
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