Shared Linux Hosting

Shared Hosting is a highly cost-efficient and easy-to-use web hosting service. It is a type of hosting where multiple websites share the same physical server, reducing cost for everyone. It is a popular option for any personal or business website that is just getting online, i.e. a website with low traffic. Thus, Shared Hosting plans are perfect for novice bloggers, small businesses, static websites, etc.

In Shared Web Hosting, resources such as server space, RAM and bandwidth are shared among the users. Each user has limited use of these resources as specified by your web hosting package.

Shared Linux Hosting plans from Lakpura offer premium bandwidth, premium disk space, free cPanel, free SSL certificate and single-click Softaculous app installer. Start your online journey with our Shared Hosting plans and avail best-in-class features for your website.

  • SLH1GB

    - 1GB Storage
    - 10GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 8,000 Annually

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  • SLH2GB

    - 2GB Storage
    - 20GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 9,000 Annually

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  • SLH4GB

    - 4GB Storage
    - 40GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 12,000 Annually

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  • SLH6GB

    - 6GB Storage
    - 60GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 14,000 Annually

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  • SLH8GB

    - 8GB Storage
    - 80GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 17,000 Annually

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  • SLH10GB

    - 10GB Storage
    - 100GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 19,000 Annually

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  • SLH15GB

    - 15GB Storage
    - 150GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 25,000 Annually

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  • SLH20GB

    - 20GB Storage
    - 200GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 32,000 Annually

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  • SLH25GB

    - 25GB Storage
    - 250GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 38,000 Annually

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  • SLH30GB

    - 30GB Storage
    - 300GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 40,000 Annually

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  • SLH40GB

    - 40GB Storage
    - 400GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 57,000 Annually

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  • SLH50GB

    - 50GB Storage
    - 500GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 69,000 Annually

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