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vCeylon Porridge - Cinnamon Flavour (100g)

vCeylon Porridge - Cinnamon Flavour (100g)

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VCEYLON porridge is rich in the nutritional and medicinal properties of seven traditional rice varieties. This is a 100% natural product with a light taste and a fragrance created using garlic and curry leaves. Other flavours got cinnamon, pepper and ginger added to the original recipe. Quick and easy preparation with coconut milk or fresh milk. Make it thick as a full meal or light as an energy drink.

Preparation: For 2 cups add 5 teaspoons of porridge powder to one cup of water and boil it in medium flame. Add coconut milk and salt for your taste. Add water/coconut milk for your choice of thickness and taste. Can make either with liquid milk or water without any milk.

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