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vCeylon Kuruluthuda - Baby Pack (100g)

vCeylon Kuruluthuda - Baby Pack (100g)

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Davki vključeni. Dostava se obračuna ob zaključku nakupa.

(SKU: LS50008516) The native rice variety, Kuruluthuda is mainly associated with the health of our bone marrow. That is, it is able to create the environment in the bone marrow needed for haemoglobin production. This variety of paddy can yield about 40 bushels of paddy per acre. Its harvest time is approximately 3 and a half months.

It has a reddish bark and is slightly elongated in shape. Kuruluthuda is rich in protein, fat, and fibre. This is slightly more flavourful than other traditional rice varieties.

Kuruluthuda is abundant with medicinal properties. It has the ability to lower blood fat levels, control cholesterol making weight loss and increase muscle tone a very beneficial outcome. It can also produce blood, produce enzymes needed for digestion, maintain body heat and improve body strength. Lastly, it can stimulate the sexual activity of men.

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