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Lakpura Dehydrated Pandan Rampe Leaves

Lakpura Dehydrated Pandan Rampe Leaves

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An aromatic leaf that is narrow, long and bright green gives your dish a unique flavour and fragrance which can be described as somewhat nutty like and floral. Widely used in South Asian and South East Asian cuisine, Sri Lankans use pandan leaves to flavour rice and curry dishes. The Lakpura Dehydrated pandan powder is sourced from tropical gardens and is carefully packed under proper hygienic conditions for your convenience. Our process of dehydration is gentle allowing the natural aroma to be intact. We offer you a dehydrated powder form to allow an extended shelf life.

The many uses of the pandan powder includes to infuse in culinary delights and to enhance baked items with local flavours, to create aromatic fragrances, brewing calming concoctions and also to enjoy the many health benefits including the ability to alleviate pain, reduce fever, aid digestion and strengthen the immune system.

  • Dehydrated powder.
  • Convenient and extended shelf life.
  • Many health benefits.
  • Aromatic.
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