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Butterfly Trail (11 Days)

Butterfly Trail (11 Days)

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The intention of this tour is to observe and identify butterflies in the wild. The collecting of specimens is not permitted on Naturetrek tours, and furthermore is illegal in Sri Lanka. Any tour member discovered procuring butterfly specimens will be asked to immediately leave the tour and could be subject to prosecution in Sri Lanka. In principle we have no objection to the catching of insects for the purpose of identification as long as they are not harmed and released as quickly as possible but tour members should be aware that this practice is not allowed in any of the Protected Areas in Sri Lanka, nor is it permitted to take nets into these areas. Please do not consider travelling on this tour unless you are prepared to abide to these conditions.

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1 Day in Colombo

This butterfly trail will allow you to observe as well as identify the many species of butterflies that are found in Sri Lanka. Your first day will be to simply check into your hotel in Colombo and relax before we start off the tour. Sri Lanka is home to approximately 245 species of butterflies while 23 are endemic to us

Arrive at Colombo International Airport. Here, you will be met by a designated chauffer guide from Lakpura. After the formalities at the airport you will be escorted to your air-conditioned vehicle and proceed to Colombo and check in to the hotel and relax.

2 Days in Sinharaja

With the main focus on butterflies, we have organized a bird watching and nature trail trek in the Sinharaja Rain Forest with a guide that will explain the natural phenomena in detail. You will also enjoy a waterfall train to Kollawa Dola Ella and experience a fish therapy session which is like the fish nibbling on your skin.

Waterfall trail to Kollawa Dola Ella & get a Fish Therapy Experience

This temperature will create a relaxing feeling to the customer where they could receive a tingling massage from the dozens of toothless fish in natural water steams in the Sinharaja Rainforest. These type of fish are known as doctor or nibble fish. They suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin. The end result will leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy.

Bird Watching & Natura Trail Trek in Sinharaja Rain Forest

Go on a jungle safari to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Experience the virgin forest with its dense evergreen type vegetation. Feel the adventure as you listen to the screeches of monkeys and see the glimpses of colorful forest birds. Feel the spine-thrilling chill as you watch a green pit viper wind itself amongst the foliage. A wonderful opportunity for those who wish to see Mother Nature at her wildest.

Special Notes

Our principal focus will of course be on the wonderful variety of butterflies inhabiting Sinharaja. Among the most spectacular of the long list of potential species are the black and yellow Sri Lanka Birdwing (Troides darsius) and the equally impressive Red Helen (Papilio helenus) but there are many jewels to look for in this.

1 Day in Kandy

An early morning scenic drive to the hill capital will leave you in awe of the natural beauty of Sri Lanka and we will transport you to an era of grandeur. Kandy an epitome of Sri Lankan culture and heritage is home to well known and venerated temples while the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is the most important

Temple of the Tooth Relic

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was built in the 16th century as the place of veneration and protection for Lord Buddha’s sacred tooth. Walk through the beautifully embellished passageways and elaborately painted halls, done in red, cream and black. Lounge against delicately carved pillars and get amazed by the beautiful golden statues. Get an unforgettable experience of history and art.

2 Days in Matale

Matale is a bio diversity hotspot yet again with many greenery intact allowing butterflies to thrive. Here you will be visiting Riverston in the Knuckles Mountain Range, the Sera Ella Bambarakiri Ella Waterfalls and a hike through the beautiful plains of Pitawala Pathana to reach the mini world’s end. Enjoy a half day safari at Wasgamuwa National Park.

Riverston in the Knuckles Mountain Range

exploring the area for more butterflies and will enjoy our packed lunch at a scenic location. It is elevated approximately 850 metres above the sea level and is located 30 kilometres from the Matale town, rather windy with quite a few hairpins turns but in good condition, offers great views all around. The weather here is on a cooler side and has two great waterfalls ‘Sera Ella’ and ‘Bambarakiri Ella’. When the clouds descend to the plains you get to experience aunique feeling driving through them.

Sera Ella

Sera Ella Waterfall in Sri Lanka is a waterfall located in Pothatawela village, a place near Laggala in Matale District’s, Sri Lanka. It is formed by the waters of Kitul Canal which runs down Kaudagammana peak and Hunumadala River which flows from the mountains of Gonamada and Deyuthu Gammmaduwa combining to form the Puwakpitiya River, a waterway which joins Thelegam River to create the waterfall at its point of joining. The magnificient waterfall separates into two sections as it falls down the rockface, both falling down a height of 10m and which is visible from the Dumbara Jungle.

Bamabarakiri Ella

Bambarakiri Ella Falls in Sri Lanka or Bambarakele Waterfall is a tall waterfall in Sri Lanka. Dropping down a sheer vertical rockface down a height of 263m (863 feet), Bambarakanda waterfall takes the position of the world’s 299th tallest waterfall.

You will then reach a place called the ‘Mini World’s End’, which is a sharp drop giving spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings. After enjoying the sights at the Mini World’s End and taking a few photographs, you will be returning to the trail head of Pittawala Paththana.

The Riverston area shelters a number of endemic plants and animals. Bushy plants with mild streams running across make this valley an ideal habitat for the butterflies.

Visit Mini World’s End in Riverston

You will be hiking through the beautiful plains of Pitawala Paththana. You will then reach a place called the ‘Mini World’s End’, which is a sharp drop giving spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings. After enjoying the sights at the Mini World’s End and taking a few photographs, you will be returning to the trail head of Pittawala Paththana.

The Riverston area shelters a number of endemic plants and animals. Bushy plants with mild streams running across make this valley an ideal habitat for the butterflies.

Special Notes

Pitawala Patana offers excellent habitats for more hill country butterflies. In addition to species already mentioned, insects in this area could include: Banded Peacock (Papilio crino), Painted Sawtooth (Prioneris sita), Common Albatross (Appias albina),Sri Lankan Lesser Albatross (Appias galene) Indian Fritillary (Argynnis hyperbius), Great Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina), Ceylon Forester (Lethe dynaste), Red Pierrot (Talicada nyseus), Common Silverline (Spindasis vulcanus), Plumbeous Silverline (Spindasis schistacea), Great Orange Tip (Hebomoia glaucippe), Sri Lankan Tiger (Parantic taprobana), Beak (Libythea Laius), Tamil Treebrown (Lethe drypetis), Monkey-puzzle (Rathinda amor), Tropic Dart (Potanthus confuscius).

Half Day Safari in Wasgamuwa National Park

Discover the opulence of the flora and fauna in the dry tropical forest setting, overlooking the stunning landscape of the park. Enjoy a Wasgamuwa safari ride filling your lungs with the refreshing air of the pristine wild and listening to the symphony of crickets and birds. Rest assuring you the sights of mighty elephants in a Wasgamuwa safari ride, the national park is also a home for a diverse of mammals including leopard, sloth bear, purple-faced langur monkey, wild boar, sambar, spotted deer, buffalo, and endemic yellow fronted barbet.

3 Days in Habarana

Heading towards Habarana, you will enjoy a village tour to experience the local rural lifestyle and enjoy a cookery demonstration and a home cooked lunch as well. You will visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress as well. There will be a butterfly and bird trail at the Cinnamon Lodge and a full day excursion to the Ritigala strict Natural Reserve.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Climb the 5th century AD rock fortress, Sigiriya, where the King Kasyapa ruled. Walk through the entrance framed by the paws of a lion that is quite appropriate for its name, ‘ the Lion Rock’. View the beautiful unfading murals that brought Sigiriya its fame. Climb the steep staircase to see the terraced gardens and still-working cisterns. Walk through the tunnels leading to the palace as you get a feel for times long past.

Village Tour

Get a chance to go on an oxen cart ride and experience the world from the view of a village farmer. Have a relaxing catamaran safari through a calm lake. Walk through the golden fields ripe with their harvest of paddy. Watch an enjoyable traditional cooking demonstration that teaches you the basics of Sri Lankan cuisine. Delight your tastebuds with a home cooked lunch; made over a wood-fire and served on fragrant lotus leaves placed over woven trays. Enjoy the life of a Sri Lankan villager, just this day.

Bird & Buterfly Trail at the Cinnamon Lodge

Spend just about ninety minutes of bliss tracking and watching the sheer beauty of the feathered kind in the company of our experienced naturalist. Many nests are hidden among the floating lotus leaves and the branches of the gigantic “Kumbuk” trees. Across the ramp and up the wooden stairway is an observation desk – a platform that overlooks a myriad of birdlife strewn across the reflecting waters.

The past continues into the farm that ends amidst the spellbinding Butterfly garden. A riot of clour affixed in petals awaits the nature lovers while the bird trail ends as a truly enriching experience.

Full Day Excursion in Ritigala Strict Natural Reserve

This rocky outcrop, emerging like Sigiriya from the dry lowlands, exhibits several distinct types of forest vegetation becoming progressively moister with increases in elevation until the forest around the summit resembles that of the hill country. There is a very ancient archaeological site within the forest, which we can visit during our afternoon exploration.

A splendid variety of butterflies includes many of the insects seen during preceding days such as the Blue Mormon and Chocolate Soldier but we will also be hoping for a number of additions with possibilities including; Spot Swordtail (Pathysa nomius), Great Orange-Tip (Hebomoia glaucippe), Lace Wing (Cethosia nietneri) and the Nawab (Polyura athamas), Black Rajah (Charaxes solon), Dark-brand Bushbrown (Mycalesis mineus), Purple Leaf Blue (Amblypodia anita), Common Cerulean (Jamides celeno), Pea Blue (Lampides boeticus), Zebra Blue (Leptotes plinius), Common Pierrot (Castalius rosimon).

1 Day in Negombo

Back to Negombo which is the nearest resort town to the Bandaranaike International Airport, you will relax under the golden sun along the sandy beaches of the Western coastal belt. Enjoy some high adrenalin water sports or simply enjoy diving amidst corals and shipwrecks which is slightly off coast. Negombo is a vibrant fishing hub with cafes, restaurants and shops

Enjoy the sun on the sandy beaches of Negombo on the Western Coast of Sri Lanka. Watch the flourishing fish industry, which is a centuries-old tradition. Ride an adrenaline high with some fun water sports. Enjoy the corals and underwater life while diving. See the 50-year-old ship-wreck just off the coast, where many varieties of fish make their home.


After the breakfast at the hotel check out and proceed to airport after spending a memorable time in this island.


  • Transport in a Private Vehicle, Fuel, Parking & Highway tolls.
  • Service of English-Speaking Chauffeur Guide.
  • All prevailing taxes and service charges.
  • 2 x 500ml Water Bottles per Person per Day.


  • Hotel Accommodation and Meals.
  • Entrance fees to the respective sites.
  • Chauffeur Guide's Accommodation.
  • Expenses of personal nature.
  • Visa and Related Expenses.
  • Tips & Portages.


  • 1 x 1 Liter water bottle per person per day.
  • 1 x Local SIM card per room.
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