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Akshata Pachchaperumal Rice (800g)

Akshata Pachchaperumal Rice (800g)

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The word Pachchaperumal means The Lord Buddha's color and has been considered divine rice in traditional Sinhalese culture. It was often used in alms giving's. This is a wholesome red rice variety which when cooked takes on a deep rich burgundy color. Rich in nutrients and in proteins, and is an excellent choice for your every day meal.

Pachchaperumal is known to be a perfect diet for those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Pachchaperumal Rice has one of the lowest glycemic index (GI), which averages less than 40 while the GI value of white rice is over 60!!! while the daily Bread you eat has over a 70 GI value, this means Pachchaperumal makes the blood glucose levels to rise the slowest from all rice & wheat varieties.

Pachchaperumal has an Amylose Content of 27.7! which is one highest for any rice variety. Amylose is a type of resistant starch, meaning it isn't well-digested and absorbed in the small intestine. Instead, it's fermented by bacteria in the large intestine thereby limiting spikes in blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol, this is why our forefathers and the Ayurveda community always recommended Pachchaperumal for Diabetics, now we have the science to prove they were right.

This is why it is called a divine rice, it certainly is a blessing.

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