Rumasalla Mountain

Rumasalla Mountain Rumasalla Mountain Rumasalla Mountain

Rumassala is a beautiful mountain located 3 KM east to Galle town, Southern Province of Sri Lanka which is directly linked to the Ramayana yatra Sri Lanka. According to the Ramayana trail tour Sri Lanka, this abnormal geographical piece believed to be fallen down when Hanuman carried the Dronagiri on his flight back to Lanka Pura in order to use lifesaving Sanjeevani herbs there, to rescue Lakhshmana and Rama who were in need of this medical plant to be treated after suffering severe injuries at their war. Therefor Rumassala is one of the five Sanjivani Mountains in Sri Lanka and important Sri Lanka Ramayana tour site.


According to Ramayana the famous Sanskrit epic, when Prince Rama’s consort Sita was kidnapped by the Asura King Ravana, Rama along with his younger brother and the monkey demigod Hanuman were able to trace her to Sri Lanka. As the legend goes, during the fierce battle to rescue the princess, Rama’s brother Lakshmana was severely injured, and Hanuman was sent to find the medicinal herbs needed to heal him. It is said that the demigod, in his confusion to find the right medicine, broke off a piece of the holy mountain. However, the mountain fragment broke off into five separate pieces and one of them is believed to have fallen where the Rumasalla Mountain is located today.While he was carrying the hill, it is believed that some Parts from the hill fell down at five places in Sri Lanka, namely, Rumassala in Galle, Dolu Kanda in Hiripitiya, Ritigala on the Habarana Anuradhapura road, Thalladi in Mannar and Kachchativu in the north.

At present the majestic mountain stands to prove that some of the fascinating incidents mentioned in the epic may have actually taken place. With odd cases talked about by travelers that got lost in the mountain, Rumasalla is also a haven for herbs where researchers have found close to 150 species of unique herbs that strangely does not grow off the

Rumasalla Mountain Rumasalla Mountain Rumasalla Mountain
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