Ramayana Tours in Sri Lanka

The story starts with Rama’s miraculous birth and shows his rise to become the crown prince and his betrothal to the beautiful princess Sita. However, Prince Rama is betrayed by his stepmother and leaves to enter the forest for 14 years of exile with his wife and loyal younger brother. But his wife, Sita, is kidnapped by the evil demonic (Asura) king, Ravana, and the poem continues in typical epic high fantasy fashion. With evil, war, magic, and romance.

Sounds like a any other piece of literature, right? Well here’s the thing. The legends say that it was not a story but complete truth, a recounting of history – even the fantastic parts with all the magic, demons, and wielding of power.

Ramayana states that King Ravana abducted Sita and flew with her on his Pushpaka Vimanam to a little island close to South India. Sri Lanka is the only such island, and here evidence of Ravana’s home base has been found. A strange bald, almost burnt, piece of land where nothing grows that is said to have been the landing pad of his Pushpaka Vimanam. A strange little hillock with a variety of unidentified and medicinal plants that don’t fit into the surrounding landscape, said to be piece of the legendary Meru mountain dropped off by Hanuman. The Ravana Ella Waterfall with the nearby hidden cave with ancient evidence of a prisoner having been held there.

Come and immerse yourself in the myths and legends that surround the magical island of Sri Lanka. A fantastic holiday awaits. Get more details about our custom made sri lanka ramayana tours below.

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