Mesua ferrea

Mesua ferrea Mesua ferrea Mesua ferrea

This rain forest tree grows to about 30 m high and indigenous to the lower wet Zone of Sri Lanka. Remarkable Features of NA is beautiful bright Red Leaves and finally matured in to a deep green. Timber has a very hardness and durability and used to make bridges in the early times. But now not allowed for timber due to it’s religious value. It's believed that the first visit of Buddha was to grove of a NA Tree at Miyanganaya and also the next Buddha (mithriya) will attain enlightenment under a NA tree. The flower of NA is also used in herbal medicine and preparation of perfumes, cosmetics and soaps. This was named as the National Tree in 1986.

The tree reaches about 30 metres tall or more. Its shining green willowy foliage is scarlet when young. The fragrant white flowers are 7 or 8 cm (about 3 inches) wide and have four petals and yellow centres made up of numerous stamens. The fruit is a wrinkled capsule with one or two seeds.

Flowers, Flower buds, Flower Stems, Roots, Bark, Fruits, and Seeds of the tree are helpful for the treatment of Piles, Cracked feet, Blood diarrhea, Pruritus, Eczema, and worm infections.

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