Hemidesmus indicus (Iramusu) ෴ ඉරමුසු

Hemidesmus indicus Hemidesmus indicus Hemidesmus indicus

It is a small plant grown in India and Sri Lanka. Fertile lake in low and slightly elevated wet and dry areas of Sri Lanka. The roots of the variety grown in Sri Lanka are smoother than those of India. A plant that grows as a vine along a support in the ground. The long trunk is slender. Leaves linear or oblong, dark green with white stripes on the surface. The leaves occur on both sides of the stem. Flowers in axillary racemes. The petals of the which appear in February and March each year, turn green. The inside is purple. Wrinkled. The cylindrical long nut consists of two parts. The seeds are black. The seeds are white at the ends.

Medicinal properties:

Take the whole plant for medicinal purposes. It has the property of killing the three faults or va, pit and sem. It is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers and diabetics as it has blood purifying properties. Digests food and increases appetite. Decomposes well. In case of food allergies, it is better to drink boiled water or boiled root powder and put it in hot water and drink it. When rat venom is ingested, the root decoction is drunk with ghee to remove the toxins. To get rid of all these bugs, it is better to have Iramusu (Hemidesmus indicus) porridge as a breakfast or drink. Hair follicles also have the ability to grow hair. Indigenous medicine points out that it also has healing properties for syphilis.

Chemical constituents:

Early chemical analysis of the Iramusu(Hemidesmus indicus) plant. The reason is the use of the most elongated roots for medicinal purposes. The essential oil of dry radish has a concentration of 0.225%. The essential oils contain parametrocyanic salicylic aldehyde, which gives it its unique aroma. In addition it contains beta-sit sterol and many other chemical compounds such as beta amylin and lipoprotein.


Iramusu is a coolant and is therefore consumed to cool the body and to treat various conditions that occur due to the body’s warmth. These include ulcers, skin conditions, headaches and irregular menstruation cycles. It is also used to treat vaginitis. It is a healthy drink for those who don’t have any health conditions as well.


One is advised to seek medical help before consuming Iramusu as soon as one gets ill. This is because it may have a tendency to increase the amount of phlegm in your system as it is a coolant.

Home remedies:

  • Stomach ache: Grind the Iramusu root and take one teaspoon with milk twice a day.
  • Indigestion: Grind dried Iramusu roots and take quarter a teaspoon of powder with lukewarm milk or honey.
  • Inflammation: Make a paste using Iramusu root and apply twice or thrice a day.
  • Hemidesmus indicus Hemidesmus indicus Hemidesmus indicus
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