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Village Life Tour from Kandy

Village Life Tour from Kandy

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(SKU: LK60173700) This 2-hour village tour of Hingula gives you a complete experience of rural village life in Sri Lanka. Ride a Tuk Tuk through rubber plantations and paddy fields to reach the village. Experience a short oxen cart ride. Get to know more about village life and the history of the local temple. Watch how coconuts are harvested. Learn to prepare a meal of Roti and Pol Sambol (Coconut Sambol). Enjoy your meal in the shady confines of a thatched clay village home. Finish off with a cooling dip in a natural rock pool.


  • Tuk Tuk Ride
  • 10-minute Oxen Cart Ride
  • Chance to watch Coconut Harvesting
  • Cooking Experience
  • Meal of Roti and Pol Sambol
  • Dip in Natural Pool


  • Authentic Sri Lankan Village Food
  • Local guide
  • Oxen Cart Ride
  • Pickup & Drop from Hingula Junction (by Tuk Tuk)



You will be starting your tour from Hingula Junction, approximately an hour west of Kandy City on Kandy Road. You can select a time beforehand while booking. The village experience will be open from 8:30am to 4:00pm, so select accordingly. There you will be met by your guide who will explain more details about your tour, including the history of the nearby Dedimunda Temple dedicated to a minor Buddhist deity. Your tour time of two hours counts from the time that you reach the village.

To get to the village you will be riding a tuk tuk (three wheeled cab) approximately 12km into the countryside. Your cabby will be taking you down narrow village lanes past rubber plantations, coconut plantations and paddy fields. The final stretch to the village can only be traversed by foot, an off-roading bike or an oxen cart. A cart will be awaiting you. After trundling across uneven trails for 10 minutes, you will reach the village.

Once you get there you will find many thatched clay huts and farming villagers. They will treat you to a welcome drink of coconut or king coconut water. Then you will be taken to see the villagers harvest coconuts by climbing up the tall smooth trees. They will then show you how they remove the husk before using the coconuts for cooking.

Next you will be taken to a villager’s home, where you can experience a village style cooking experience. The experience will include a hands-on demonstration of coconut scraping, grinding flour using a traditional millstone, roti making, and grinding spicy pol symbol on a traditional grinding stone.

On completing the lesson, you can enjoy your meal in the shade of the hut, watching village life pass you by. Then your guide will take you to a natural pool for a short dip to cool down. You can spend some free time taking a walk in the paddy fields or watching villagers at work.

At the end of your tour you will be returning to Hingula Junction with your tour guide.

Notes: Comfortable walking shoes recommended for this tour.

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