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King Fern Cottage, Nuwara Eliya

King Fern Cottage, Nuwara Eliya

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(SKU: LK15061800)Nestled in nature at 203 1a St. Andrews Dr., Nuwara Eliya, King Fern Cottage offers a serene retreat. With nine rooms catering to solo travelers, couples, groups, and families, it promises relaxation. Positive highlights include friendly staff, delicious meals, and comfortable rooms. However, a contrasting review mentions issues like mold, cold temperatures, and a disturbing basement party. Potential guests should weigh these experiences when considering this accommodation.


Nestled within nature at 203 1a St. Andrews Dr. Under Bank, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka, King Fern Cottage offers a serene setting. However, the contrasting experiences might make you question the peacefulness.


The accommodation seems to be a mixed bag. On one hand, there's praise for a comfortable room with the biggest bed ever and hot water in the shower. On the other hand, there's a horror story of room 103 - damp, dirty, cold, and infested with bugs. The presence of black mold, rotting wood, and a filthy floor creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. It's the kind of room that prompts a panicked escape in the middle of the night.


The positive mentions include a helpful day staff member and the willingness to address issues by allowing guests to leave without payment for the second night. However, the negative experience unveils a creepy basement party venue with loud music until the wee hours of the morning. A thin door and the fear of unknown individuals loitering around contribute to a feeling of vulnerability.


While the positive reviews highlight the staff's assistance with travel information, the negative review raises concerns about a frightening late-night experience. The basement party and the lack of security measures contribute to a sense of unease. In summary, King Fern Cottage seems to be a place with potential for a great stay, but the inconsistency in room quality and the unsettling basement party might make potential guests think twice. If you're seeking a comfortable stay in Nuwara Eliya, the contrast between King Fern Cottage and Hill's Rest, as mentioned in the review, might sway your decision.

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