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Cycling from Yala

Cycling from Yala

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(SKU: LK7700AAB1) This tour gives you the opportunity to go tour Yala National Park on a bicycle. See more wildlife with the lack of loud motor sounds to send them into hiding. Get up close and personal to the fauna without disturbing them. Take in those marvelous sights better than if you were in a fast-moving safari vehicle. Visit the archeological dig of the Sithulpauwa monastery. A unique and unforgettable experience.


  • Chance to see more fauna than ever before
  • Visit to Sithulpauwa Temple


  • Cycles and Cycling guide/ supporting crew
  • Back up vehicle (Cycle Carrier)
  • Water and refreshments during the ride
  • Fruits and snacks


You will be starting your cycling tour from your hotel in Yala at 2:00 pm. You will be provded with bikes a d the necessary equipment. You cycling guide will help you get to know more about the wildlife you see. Fruits and snacks will also be provided for you to have while viewing the park.

Cycle along the buffer zone (also known as the Elephant Fence) enveloping the boundaries of Yala National Sanctuary. See wildlife such as deer, elephants, wild boar, wild buffalo; and possibly even a Sri Lankan leopard of which the Yala Sanctuary has a pretty large population. As there will be no engine sounds, you will be able to avoid scaring the fauna. This also means that you will have more sightings.

While en route you will also be visiting the remains of Sithulpauwa Temple. The temple lies in an area which was one of Sri Lanka's earliest cities, Ruhunu. The archeological dig has revealed over 60 inscriptions that point towards the site having been a huge monastery of the 2nd century BC; holding over 10,000 people at its peak. You will be able to see the ruins and some of the inscriptions.

You will complete your safari by 5:00 pm, cycling a distance of approximately 30 km depending on where you are staying. You will finish the tour back at your hotel.

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