Spice Gardens in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has always been reknowned for its spices. Over 15 different spices call Sri Lanka home and many of them are traded in the international spice market. Cinnamon especially is endemic to Sri Lanka, and highest quality ‘true cinnamon’ can be obtained here.

However if a visitor does not know the right places to purchase spices it is very easy to be duped for low quality spices or pay unnecessarily exorbitant prices. Visiting Sri Lanka which is a land of spices, without seeing those spices being grown would indeed be a pity too. So can both both, touring spice plantations and buying the best spices be done at the same time? The answer is –Yes!

The best way to check out and purchase the best spices in Sri Lanka is to visit the island’s various renowned Spice Gardens .

6 Reasons you should visit the Spice Gardens of Sri Lanka:

  1. The gardens introduce you to the different spices in Sri Lanka and their uses.
  2. They also allow you to see how the spices are grown, harvested and produced.
  3. High quality spices, traditional remedies and natural cosmetics made with spices are available for purchase at very fair prices.
  4. The Spice Gardens are also quiet, peaceful places to spend some time close to nature.
  5. The gardens give a chance to try out amazing aromatic meals complete with the spices that tease your senses are a favourite here as well.
  6. The gardens are usually open for visitors, though some may charge a minor entrance fee. So it’s a great way to spend your holiday if you are on a budget.

Not all spices are grown in a single garden, of course, since various climates and soil types are necessary for cultivation of the different spices. Therefore taking a guide or finding a formal tour package with a guide and transport method is a good idea.

List of registered and licensed Spice Gardens of Sri Lanka

  • Euphoria Spice and Herbal Garden, Matale.
  • Highland Spice Garden, Matale.
  • International Spice Walk, Matale.
  • All Spice Garden, Higula.
  • Luckuyana, Hiriwadunna.
  • Kandyan Spice Grove, Hingula.
  • New Paradise, Matale.
  • The Island Spice Grove, Mawanella.
  • Happy Land Spice Garden, Matale.
  • Country Side Spice Garden, Nalanda.
  • All Spice Garden, Rambukkana.
  • Ranweli Spice Garden (Pvt) Ltd, Matala.
  • Nilwala Spice Garden, Randeniya.
  • Regent Spice Garden, Matale.
  •  Cinnamon Tree Spice Garden, Mawanella.
  •  Pinnawala Spice Garden, Wagolla.
  • Delight, Matale.
  • Villa Herbarium, Hingula.
  • Paramound Spice Garden, Matale.
  • Luckgrove Spice Garden, Matale.
  • Sunrise, Matale.
  • Old Paradise, Matale.
  • Diamond, Matale.
  • Grand, Matale.
  • Royal 100 Spice Garden, Matale.
  • Lucky land Spice Garden, Matale.
  • Lucky land Spice Garden, Mawanella.
  • New Paradise Spice Garden, Mawanella.
  • Sirilak Spice Garden, Matale.
  • Kingston Spice Garden, Mawanella.
  • Thakshila Herbs and Spice, Matale.
  • Susantha Spice Garden, Hingula.

We at Lakpura find it a pleasure to give you the complete ‘Spiceperience’ holiday, for a sensual journey you will never forget. Let us guide you into the world of spice so you may understand spices the Sri Lankan way! Enjoy food and send your tastebuds into orbit! Buy spices at amazing prices! Get a perfect spicey gift for a friend or relative!!!

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