Nissan Civilian

Nissan Civilian Nissan Civilian Nissan Civilian

The Nissan Civilian is a single-decker minibus built by Japanese automaker Nissan since 1971. It is primarily available as a public bus and an intercity bus. In Japan, it was exclusive to Nissan Store locations, and replaced the Nissan Echo, which was introduced in 1958. The Echo's chassis code (GC140, GC240) continued to be used on the Civilian (GC340), reflecting their shared underpinnings with the Nissan Caball (C140/240/340).

In the Japan, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and South America markets, its principal competitors are the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, Isuzu Journey, Mazda Parkway and Toyota Coaster. In China, the Civilian is marketed by Dongfeng as the Dongfeng Green Lotus, but has Nissan logos.

Nissan Civilian Nissan Civilian Nissan Civilian
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