Dunuwila Dunuwila Dunuwila

Dunuwila is situated near the 40 km post on the Hasalaka - Wasgamuwa road. Dunuwila is one of the significant sites of the Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka.


While it is rather featureless at present, albeit with a lake in tow, the little area of Dunuvila is important since it is believed that the final battle between Lord Rama and the Rakshasa king of the amazingly advanced Lankapura Kingdom, King Ravana took place here. It is where, according to the Ramayana, the invading Rama fired the deadly Brahmastra, the primary weapon of the god Brahma at Ravana. It was shot off a bow in the manner of an arrow, from what was once the lakeshore. Hence the name is a combination of “Dunu”, meaning bow and “Vila” meaning the word lake.

Dunuwila Dunuwila Dunuwila
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