Divurumpola Temple

Divurumpola Temple Divurumpola Temple Divurumpola Temple

Divurumpola is a Buddhist Temple located close to Welimada town (4 KM) on Nuwara EliyaBadulla main road in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Divrumpola temple or Divrumpola Raja Maha Viharaya is directly connected with Ramayana trail in Sri Lanka. According to the Ramayana in Sri Lanka It is believed that Divurumpola temple is the place where Sita underwent the famous fire ordeal Agni Pariksha or “Agni” test in order to prove her chastity to God Rama after being rescued by him where she came unscathed and proved her innocence and purity. Considering these historical factors, Divurumpola is one of the important Ramayana Historical places in Sri Lanka. In Sinhala language Divurumpola means a “Place of oath”.

Divurumpola Temple (Raja Maha Viharaya) is a major religious site for Hindus. This temple is a revered site and hundreds of Hindus visit it daily. Divurumpola Raja Maha Viharaya is also a Buddhist temple and we can find some Buddhist stupas and sculptures of Buddha in the complex. There are sculptures of Hindu God Rama, Devi Sita, and Lord Hanuman here. From here we can clearly see the Isthreepura Mountain where Sita was held captive in a cave castle. So this place is considered as the Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka . Today this Buddhist Temple is worship by both Buddhist and Hindu people of Sri Lanka and this Ramayana Site is considering as one of the Ramayana Historical Place in Sri Lanka.


It is situated 20 Km from Nuwara Eliya Welimada road which can be accessed by Turn off near 96th Km post.


Legend Ramayanaya love story says that after message of Ramas victory over Ravana was sent to Sita she was taken on a palanquin before Rama after a bath and adorned with jewels. She was overcome with emotions as she was meeting her husband after such a long time. But Rama seemed lost in thought. Sita was shocked at the word he spoke. “I have killed my enemy. I have done my duty as s true king. But you have lived for a year in this enemy’s abode. It is not proper I take you back now”.

Then sita Devi answered “You have broken my Heart, only the uncultured speak like this. Have you forgotten the noble family I come from? Is it my fault Ravana carried me off by force? All the time my mind, my heart, and soul were fixed on you alone, my lord!

Ramayanaya facts states that she turned with tears streaming from her eyes to Lakshmana and said Please prepare a fire for me. That will be the only remedy for this no softening, he lighted a big fire. Sita reverently went round her husband and approached the blazing fire joining her palms in salutation, with these words she jumped into the flames and said, “If I am pure, fire will protect me.” From the flames arose the fire god Agni who was invoked by Sita. He lifted her from the flames unharmed and presented her Lord Rama.

Significant of Divurumpola

A sapling of the Anuradhapura Bodhi tree was planted as a mark of respect this place. A small dagoda (Stupa or Pagoda type building) has been built subsequently under the Bodhi tree. The temple there depicts paintings of the Ramayanaya story Sri Lanka related stories. After the sacred site of Ashok Vatika, this place of Divurumpola is the second most crucial site in the Ramayana Yatra sites in Sri Lanka.

Divurumpola Temple Divurumpola Temple Divurumpola Temple
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