All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land that offers many unforgettable vacations while adventure holidays certainly should be a part of your bucket list. One of the many adventure options offered to pump up your adrenaline is ATV rides. An ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or more simply known as a Quad Bike is specially designed to handle many types of terrain from muddy water paths to slippery uneven Rocky Mountain roads that wind through scenic landscapes. The handle bars steer the ATV while the vehicle uses low pressure tyres.

Used by one operator at a time, these small quad’s are perfect to race along adventurous tracks while enjoying the view and excitement. Sri Lanka which is known for a wide variety of different landscapes consisting of a number of ATV tracks that are located in various parts of the island. From sand dunes in Colombo to rocky, winding roads through tea estates in Ella, a fun-filled adventure awaits you.